Recommended Books

These books are recommended for those wanting to create a color‐science library.

Bartleson, C.J. and Grum, F. (eds.) (1984). Optical Radiation Measurements: Visual Measurements, vol. 5. Orlando, FL: Academic Press.

This is a contributed chapter text about vision and psychophysics. The second part of the book covers psychophysics and its utility are the examples drawn from visual experiments quantifying how observers see images and how various factors affect the appearance of images. Chapters include introduction, the eye as an optical system, the eye as a detector, visual pigments and sensitivity, mechanisms of vision, psychophysics, thresholds and matching, measuring differences, direct ratio scaling, multidimensional scaling, photometric measurements, and colorimetric measurements.

Boyce, P.R. (2014). Human Factors in Lighting, 3e. Boca Raton, FL: CRC Press.

This is a comprehensive and authoritative book about lighting from a visual perspective. With the emergence of solid‐state lighting, a deeper understanding of this subject is important. Chapters include fundamentals, visual system, non‐image‐forming system, lighting and work, lighting and visual discomfort, lighting and the perception of spaces and objects, lighting for offices, lighting for industry, escape lighting, lighting for driving, lighting for pedestrians, lighting and crime, lighting for the elderly, light and health, light pollution, lighting and electricity consumption, and the way ahead.

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