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SynBioBeta is launching two new courses: “Introduction to Carbon Central Metabolism” and “Big Data for Synthetic Biology: An Introduction to Bioinformatics.” You can learn more about each course at These will all be taught in the Bay Area, California. If you would like to host these courses in your city, then please get in touch. A variety of course options can be customized for your organizational needs.

Introduction to Carbon Metabolism (April 17, 2014)
This course is an introduction to fundamental keys and concepts of central metabolism as relevant to synthetic biology and metabolic engineering. We begin by discussing metabolites as requirements for life to exist and give a birds-eye view of the major pathways cells use to fulfill those requirements. We discuss general thermodynamic principles in biological systems, microbial fermentation, and microbial respiration. We will analyze metabolic pathways on the basis of carbon use, ATP use, and redox balance. After learning these skills, we will identify advantages and disadvantages of possible synthetic biology routes to common household products and chemicals of the biotech industry.
Big Data for Synthetic Biology: An Introduction to Bioinformatics (April 24, 2014)
You will learn the basics of bioinformatics, a multidisciplinary field with specializations that include interpreting human genetics, developing new medicines, and uncovering the underlying mechanisms ...

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