CPG-Based Control of Serpentine Locomotion of a Snake-Like Robot


Xiaodong Wu and Shugen Ma

Ritsumeikan University Shiga, Japan


2.1 Introduction

2.2 CPG Models for Generation of Rhythmic Motion

2.3 CPG Network for Control of a Snake-Like Robot

2.3.1 CPG Network with Feedback Connection

2.3.2 Analysis of a CPG Network

2.4 CPG-Controlled Snake-Like Robot

2.4.1 Control of the Locomotion Curvature

2.4.2 Control of the Locomotion Speed

2.4.3 Control of the Number of S-Shapes

2.4.4 Control of the Turning Motion

2.4.5 Control of the Round Motion

2.5 Experiments

2.6 Summary



A biomimetic approach is proposed to solve the difficulty in controlling a snake-like robot with a large number of degrees of freedom This method ...

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