A School of Robotic Fish for Pollution Detection in Port


Huosheng Hu, John Oyekan, and Dongbing Gu

University of Essex Colchester, UK


5.1 Introduction

5.2 Inspired from Nature

5.3 Biologically Inspired Design

5.4 Layered Control Architecture

5.4.1 Cognitive Layer

5.4.2 Behavior Layer

5.4.3 Swim Pattern Layer

5.5 Robotic Fish for Pollution Detection at Port

5.5.1 System Configuration

5.5.2 Bio-Inspired Coverage of Pollutants

5.6 Summary




Natural selection has made fish beautiful swimmers with high efficiency and perfect maneuvering abilities No man-made aquatic systems are currently able to match such performance To build a robot to realize fish-like propulsion and maneuvering abilities requires ...

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