Microelectromechanical Systems (MEMS) technology has been developed for more
than three decades. MEMS applications have proliferated that cover many indus-
try sectors, including automotive, aerospace and consumer clectronics. MEMS
for biological applications, or BioMEMS, and not received much attention until
perhaps mid-1990s. It has been extremely challenging for engineers and scientists
to cross discipline boundaries, as such, many existing relevant textbooks on MEMS
focus on introducing MEMS technologies to non-MEMS researchers.
In recent years, research efforts have been made in finding biomedical applica-
tions for MEMS devices. As a result, MEMS engineers are facing new challenges in
biomaterial selections that are suitable for miniaturization. Many research papers
demonstrated micromachining of particular biomaterials and application of those
biomaterials in microdevices. However, there is insufficient organized effort to
systematically introduce biomaterials to MEMS researchers.
This book intends to serve as a guide for practicing engineers, researchers
and students interested in MEMS devices using biomaterials and biomedical
applications using these devices, This book highlights important features and
issues of biomaterials that have been used in the MEMS and biomedical areas. The
materials in this book come from earlier research papers and detailed references
are included. The contents of this book provide an overview in various aspects to
build up understanding in this multidisciplinary subject. This book only serves as
an introduction and does not intentionally leave out other relevant work.
We are grateful to all the contributors and staff involved in the book’s editing
M. Chiao and J.-C. Chiao
Biomaterials for MEMS, Edited b y M. Chiao and J.-C. Chiao
Copyright © 2011 by Pan Stanford Publishing Pte. Ltd.
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