Chapter 2

Interrogating Biophysics: The Five Ws and One H

In This Chapter

arrow Identifying what biophysics is

arrow Clarifying where biophysics occurs

arrow Realizing why biophysics is important

arrow Knowing when biophysics is noteworthy

arrow Naming the who in biophysics

arrow Specifying how biophysics plays a role

If you ask most people when they take their first college or university physics course what physics is, many don’t know. The situation is far worse when you ask people to explain biophysics. The purpose of this chapter is to help you answer this question, and go beyond. This chapter opens your eyes a bit, so you see that biophysics is everywhere, and no matter what you do in life, biophysics will play a role.

This chapter answers the hard five Ws (what, where, why, when, and who) questions and the one H (how) question about biophysics. Here I explain what biophysics really is, where you can use biophysics ...

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