Chapter 6

Building the Mechanics of the Human Body and Animals

In This Chapter

arrow Balancing and stability

arrow Riding the roller coaster and other accelerating rides

arrow Moving machines

arrow Bending, stretching, and twisting

arrow Growing and shrinking in biophysics

There are many situations in biophysics when studying the setup is just as interesting and important as studying the motion of the objects. This chapter focuses on understanding some of the biomechanics without worrying about if the system is moving or not. An example is the stability of an athlete on the balance beam. It doesn’t matter if she’s moving along the beam or stationary; the principle of not falling off the balance beam is the same.

You discover more about statics in this chapter, specifically the center of mass and stability and how well the body holds up to accelerations and forces. You also find out about the six basic machines and the mechanical advantage and applications within your body. In addition, objects aren’t perfectly ...

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