Chapter 17

Tapping into the Physics of Radiation

In This Chapter

arrow Getting the lowdown on nuclear physics and radioactivity

arrow Tackling common myths about radioactivity

arrow Looking at radioactivity in biological systems

Some materials emit radiation and others are efficient at absorbing certain types of radiation. These properties are of interest to people involved in medical physics, health physics, and some areas of biophysics. Radiation can have harmful effects on the body, but there are also many benefits of radiation.

This chapter examines nuclear physics, radioactivity, and the different types of radiation. The chapter explores how radiation is produced, the different types of electromagnetic radiation and the pros and cons of this radiation, and radioactive material inside people and organic material.

Understanding What Nuclear Physics and Radioactivity Are

Radioactivity is a natural process with many benefits in society, but most people unfortunately think of cancer and nuclear weapons whenever radiation and nuclear physics are mentioned.

Nuclear physics deals with the study of the nucleus of atoms. I am not interested in the specific details within the nucleons (the particles ...

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