Chapter 1Introduction

1.1 Coded Modulation

The main challenge in the design of communication systems is to reliably transmit digital information (very often, bits generated by the source) over a medium which we call the communication channel or simply the channel. This is done by mapping a sequence of c01-math-0001 bits c01-math-0002 to a sequence of c01-math-0003 symbols c01-math-0004. These symbols are then used to vary (modulate) parameters of the continuous-time waveforms (such as amplitude, phase, and/or frequency), which are sent over the channel every c01-math-0005 seconds, i.e., at a symbol rate c01-math-0006. The transmission rate of the system is thus equal to

1.1 equation

where the bandwidth occupied by the waveforms is directly proportional to the symbol rate c01-math-0008

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