Appendix A. Understanding XML Schemas

At the heart of a BizTalk specification is something known as XML schema. At the highest level, XML schemas provide a means for defining the structure, content, and semantics of XML documents. To make this more meaningful, take a look at Listing A.1, a typical XML document.

Listing A.1. An XML Document—Transactions.xml
 <?xml version="1.0"?> <Transactions location="Federal Credit Union" type="checking"> <Transaction id="ABCD-01234" date="02/02/2001"> <Amount currency="usd">-41.50</Amount> <Type>ATM Withdrawal</Type> <Facility>ATM # VA555555</Facility> <Location> <Name>VA55555 Jans Grocery</Name> <Address>555 Main Street</Address> </Location> </Transaction> <Transaction id="ABCD-00123" date="02/01/2001"> <Amount ...

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