Black Belt Negotiating: Become a Master Negotiator Using Powerful Lessons from the Martial Arts

Book description

The best martial artists know what they want when they enter the arena, they know how to get it, and they're not afraid to go after it. The same could be said of great negotiators. This book uses the principles of martial arts to guide readers step-by-step, from basic techniques through advanced strategies, all the way to achieving their "black belt" in negotiating. Packed with quizzes, scripts, checklists, and even a Negotiating Rating Sheet for continual self-assessment, the book trains readers in martial arts–based negotiation fundamentals, including:

* Don’t Fear the Blow -- Black belts aren't afraid of being hit or they would never step onto the mat. Get over your fear of bargaining, and the fight is already won.

* Identify Vital Striking Points -- Weaken others' positions by identifying what's most important to them...and bring down even the biggest opponent.

* Read Your Opponent -- Counter an opponent’s moves by honing in on what technique they’re using -- and hit them with the perfect response.

Grounded in authentic martial arts tactics, this book turns novice bargainers into black belt negotiators who can get whatever they want out of any situation.

Table of contents

  1. Copyright
  2. More praise for Black Belt Negotiating
  3. Thanks
  4. Introduction: Martial Arts and the Tao of Negotiating
  5. White Belt
    1. Modern Lessons from an Ancient Tradition
      1. Wonders and Benefits
      2. The Martial Arts and Negotiating
      3. This Book
      4. What is Negotiating Really About?
      5. Negotiating is Not Begging
      6. On Gender
    2. Overcoming Fear of the Blow
      1. Common Fears About Negotiation
      2. Principles of Overcoming Fear
    3. Playing to Win
      1. The Importance of Intention
      2. White Belt Test
  6. Yellow Belt
    1. Learning the Rules of Power
      1. Blocking
      2. Using Leverage
      3. Building Momentum
      4. Testing the Wind
      5. Flowing with the Power, Not Against It
      6. Using Guile
      7. Disguising Your Weaknesses
      8. Finding Your Power
      9. Focusing Your Power
      10. Bargaining with More Powerful Opponents
    2. Spying on Your Opponent
      1. The Interview as a Spying Technique
      2. The Value of Asking Good Questions
      3. Sources of Information
      4. The Art of the Deal
      5. Plan So that the Negotiating Environment Favors You
    3. Identifying Vital Striking Points
      1. Clarify Your Own Wants and Needs
      2. Set Goals in Advance
      3. Anticipate Your Opponent’s Wants and Needs
      4. Determine the Strength of Your Opponent’s Needs and Wants
      5. Hide Your Own Striking Points
      6. Don’t Fixate on Any One Goal
      7. Yellow Belt Test
  7. Green Belt
    1. Developing the Fighting Stance
    2. Opening Tactics
      1. Don’t Be Ridiculous!
      2. Great Expectations!
      3. Anticipate the Three Possibilities
    3. Reading Your Opponent
      1. Observe Carefully
      2. Don’t Assume
      3. What Style Do They Practice?
      4. Identify Physical Patterns
      5. Observing Your Range
      6. The Walkaway Point
      7. Green Belt Test
  8. Blue Belt
    1. Countering Your Opponent’s Moves
      1. Tactics: Ways to Respond to Opening Moves
      2. Make Sure Your Needs Are Met
    2. Finding Middle Ground
      1. Adjust Your Focus From Needs to Wants
      2. Money is Not Always the Most Important Issue
      3. Three Steps for Finding Middle Ground
      4. Techniques for Buyers and Sellers
      5. What Are the Consequences if Negotiations Fail?
    3. Distance Yourself from the Battle
      1. Women and Emotions
      2. Anger
      3. Blue Belt Test
  9. Red Belt
    1. Making Time Your Ally
      1. Rules of Deadlines
    2. Developing Advanced Fighting Skills
      1. Advanced Concepts
      2. Tactics
    3. Breaking Impasses
      1. The Impasse
      2. The Deadlock
      3. Be Willing to Walk Away
      4. Dealing with Ultimatums
      5. Red Belt Test
  10. Brown Belt
    1. Turning the Battle in Your Favor
      1. What is the Turning Point?
      2. How Far Into the Process Does this Point Occur?
      3. How Do You Recognize the Turning Point?
      4. Taking Advantage of the Turning Point is All About Timing
    2. Dealing with Dirty Fighters
      1. There Are Unfair Fighters
      2. Spotting Unfair Tactics
      3. Common Unethical Tactics
      4. The Code of Honor
      5. Brown Belt Test
  11. Black Belt
    1. Ending the Contest with Respect
      1. How Do You Know When it’s Over?
      2. Don’t Take it All
      3. Ending the Contest Gracefully
    2. The Road to Continuous Improvement
      1. Parting Tips
      2. Practice, Practice, Practice
      3. To Get Out of Your Comfort Zone, Get Out of the Country
      4. How to Practice
      5. Discipline and Balance
      6. Black Belt Test
  12. Appendix
    1. Belt Ranking Sheet
    2. Needs and Wants Sheet
  13. References
  14. Index

Product information

  • Title: Black Belt Negotiating: Become a Master Negotiator Using Powerful Lessons from the Martial Arts
  • Author(s): Michael Lee, Sensei Grant Tabuchi
  • Release date: October 2007
  • Publisher(s): AMACOM
  • ISBN: 9780814474617