Chapter 1. Finding Applications

In This Chapter

  • Introducing BlackBerry App World

  • Finding BlackBerry applications

  • Using and managing BlackBerry applications

Applications (also known as apps) and games allow you to get work done or have fun, depending on your mood. You can choose from hundreds of games and applications that are available though BlackBerry App World or you can visit third-party mobile application Web sites.

While some apps are free, others may cost you a fee. Either way, if you haven't explored your app options lately, you might be surprised by all the cool tools and fun stuff out there. For example, with the introduction of GPS, there are a whole host of apps you can download that can help you find where you are and where you want to go. In addition, multimedia apps are a lot of fun when you want to watch a YouTube video, listen to music, or even watch TV— on your phone. If you're into activities, you can download an app to track your workouts and diet regimen. Heck, there's even an app that acts as a personal trainer. The possibilities are endless.

In this chapter, we walk you through how to use BlackBerry App World. You find out how to download and install the App World application, search for apps, and manage the apps that you acquire. You also find out about third-party BlackBerry app stores. Finally, we give you some tips and tricks for using your new BlackBerry apps.

Figuring Out What You Want to Do

Before you go to the trouble of downloading BlackBerry App World, you ...

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