Chapter 3. Getting Your Applications Out There

In This Chapter

  • Using BlackBerry App World

  • Finding more places to publish your application

  • Publishing an application to your own Web site

  • Promoting an application

Your goal in creating a BlackBerry application is to get the application used by as many people as possible as soon as possible. Whether you're creating applications for BlackBerry devices connected to a BlackBerry Enterprise Server (BES) or for individuals using a BlackBerry Internet Service account, you have various options from which to choose.

Probably the hardest part of application deployment is getting the word out. People need to be excited enough about your application to go to the trouble of installing it. You need to strategically market the application, generate buzz, and then make the application available from a variety of BlackBerry-related sites and stores. We give you a few marketing tips and tricks to encourage consumers to look, test, and buy your application.

Standing out in the crowd is crucial to your success because you're bound to have two or three copycats trying to steal customers away from you. We also provide some techniques that you can use to help your application stand out from the others.

Getting an Application Installed on Users' Devices

Research In Motion provides different ways for you to get your application out there and installed on devices.

Understanding your installation options

These terms are commonly used to describe the publishing and installation ...

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