Chapter 5. Tools for Maintaining a Healthy Enterprise Environment

In This Chapter

  • Standardizing the BlackBerry Enterprise Server environment

  • Introducing the BlackBerry Server Resource Kit

  • Finding third-party enterprise tools to manage your environment

Each company has its own way of managing the BlackBerry infrastructure, depending on the size of the enterprise, the type of business it conducts, and the needs of employees. Your company can do a few things, but at some point, will need to develop (or hire someone to develop) some tools for you. You can guess that a company that makes its money by doing application development might hire some of its own programmers to develop proprietary BlackBerry apps for monitoring and optimizing the enterprise, but perhaps an organization that is later to the technology game will use third-party systems.

Whether your enterprise falls in the first or second category — or somewhere in between — if you're a BlackBerry Enterprise Server (BES) administrator and you're looking to develop or purchase enterprise-level applications to manage your enterprise, this chapter is for you.


If you're an employee who was given a standard-issue BlackBerry by your BES administrator, don't bore yourself with this chapter. Skip back to the beginning of Book VIII for information that can help you understand the do's and don'ts of using your BlackBerry in an enterprise environment.

Getting Your Environment in Line

Ever asked the following questions? Why is my e-mail slow? ...

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