Chapter 8. You've Got (Lots of) E‐Mail

In This Chapter

  • Linking your e‐mail accounts to your BlackBerry

  • Mastering e‐mail basics

  • Spell checking your messages

  • Searching your e‐mail

  • Saving messages

Your BlackBerry brings a fresh new face to the convenience and ease of use that we associate with e‐mail. You can direct mail to your BlackBerry from up to ten e‐mail accounts from the likes of Yahoo! and AOL. You can set up an e‐mail signature, configure e‐mail filters, and search for e‐mails.

In this chapter, we show you how to use and manage the mail capabilities of your BlackBerry to their full potential. From setup to sorts, we have you covered here.

Getting Up and Running with E‐Mail

Regardless of your network service provider (such as T‐Mobile, or Rogers, or Vodafone), you can set up your BlackBerry to receive mail from at least one of your current e‐mail accounts. Thus, with whatever address you use to send and receive e‐mail from your PC (Yahoo!, Gmail, and so on), you can hook up your BlackBerry to use that same e‐mail address. Instead of checking your Gmail at the Google site, for example, you can now get it on your BlackBerry.

Most network service providers allow you to connect up to ten e‐mail accounts to your BlackBerry. This provides you with the convenience of one central point from which you get all your e‐mail, without having to log into multiple e‐mail accounts. Such convenience!

In an enterprise environment, you can't access the BlackBerry Internet Service site to link your personal ...

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