Chapter 17. Installing Applications

In This Chapter

  • Getting started with Application Loader

  • Installing a BlackBerry application

  • Uninstalling an application

  • Upgrading your operating system

Toward the end of this book, we point out a few great applications that make your BlackBerry that much more productive as well as a few games that make your BlackBerry more entertaining than ever. Rest assured, though, that installing an application on your BlackBerry is a snap.

Think of your BlackBerry as a minilaptop where you can run preinstalled applications as well as install new applications. You can even upgrade your BlackBerry's OS. (Yup, that's right, your BlackBerry even has an operating system.)

We start this chapter by introducing Application Loader, which allows you to load applications onto your BlackBerry — hence its name. Then we show you how to both install and uninstall an application from your BlackBerry. Finally, we show you how to use Application Loader to upgrade your OS.

If you got your BlackBerry from your company, they might impose guidelines on what applications (if any) can and cannot be installed and uninstalled from your device. Be sure to familiarize yourself with your IT department's policy before attempting to install or uninstall software from a company‐owned BlackBerry.

Accessing Application Loader

In this chapter, as with other chapters in Part IV, you work closely with your PC and your BlackBerry. On your PC, you use an application called BlackBerry Desktop Manager (BDM), ...

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