Chapter 11. Surfing the Internet Wave

In This Chapter

  • Using the BlackBerry browser to surf the Web

  • Creating and organizing bookmarks

  • Customizing and optimizing Browser

  • Downloading and installing applications from the Web

  • Using browsers in business

Web surfing is becoming a necessity and a part of our daily existence. Nearly everyone can surf the Web anytime and anywhere from a desktop computer, a netbook, or even a tiny mobile device such as a PDA or smartphone. Having said that, it should be no surprise that your BlackBerry has a Web browser of its own.

In this chapter, we show you how to use BlackBerry Browser. We give you shortcuts and timesaving tips, including the coolest ways to make pages load faster, as well as a complete neat freak's guide to managing your bookmarks.

And, because your network service provider may also have its own custom browser for you to use, we compare these proprietary browsers with the default BlackBerry Browser so that you can decide which of them best suits your needs.

Kicking Up Browser

BlackBerry Browser comes loaded on your smartphone and accesses the Web with a cellphone connection. Browser can be named differently, depending on how the service provider customizes it. Sometimes Browser is named BlackBerry Browser; Internet Browser; Hotspot Browser; or, most likely, just Browser. We just use Browser to make things easier.

Browser has multiple personalities:

  • One that's connected to your company's BlackBerry Enterprise Server

    BlackBerry Enterprise Server is ...

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