Chapter 12. Getting Around with Your BlackBerry GPS

In This Chapter

  • Using GPS safely

  • Preparing to use GPS on your BlackBerry

  • Choosing a GPS application

A few years back, when some of the North American network carriers introduced GPS on their versions of the BlackBerry, we were quite impressed ... until we tried it. The response time was slow, and it wasn't accurate. On top of that, the network carriers charged users an arm and a leg for this inferior service. As it turns out, those GPS functions were implemented by using the network — that is, GPS wasn't embedded in the BlackBerry. How low-tech!

Today, most BlackBerry smartphones come with built-in GPS, which makes finding yourself easy. In this chapter, we show you how to use your BlackBerry's built-in GPS and show you the best GPS applications you can use on your BlackBerry, two of which are free!


If your BlackBerry smartphone doesn't have a built-in GPS, don't fret. An application like Google Maps gives you approximate location without GPS.

Putting Safety First


Some GPS features are useful while you're driving a car. However, even when tempted to use your BlackBerry GPS while driving, we strongly suggest that you do not adjust it while you're driving.

Before you start using BlackBerry GPS in your car, you need a BlackBerry car holder — preferably a car kit with a car charger. You can buy a car kit on the Internet; just search for BlackBerry car kit. Or, go to one of the following Web sites:


  • ...

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