Chapter 15. Managing Media Files

In This Chapter

  • Using your BlackBerry as a flash drive

  • Exploring and using Roxio

The ways that you can get your hands on media constantly evolve. Ten years ago, who would have thought that you could buy music from a tiny card or from an "all you can download" monthly subscription? Someday, you'll wake up with a technology that doesn't require you to constantly copy media files to your handheld music player. But for now, enjoying music while on the move means managing these files.

Media, the application on your BlackBerry, is a great music player, but without music files, it's as useless as a guitar without strings. And to satisfy your quest for mobile media satisfaction, this chapter gives you good information on ways to manage your media files.

Working with Media Files

To acquire media files for your BlackBerry, there are as many choices as there are ice cream flavors. The succeeding sections describe the most common ways.

Using your BlackBerry as a flash drive for a PC

The most common way of manipulating media files into and out of your BlackBerry is to attach it to a PC and use Windows Explorer:

  1. Connect your BlackBerry to your PC, using the USB cable that came with your BlackBerry.


    Only folders and files stored on the microSD card will be visible to your PC. Make sure to have the microSD card in your BlackBerry before you connect your BlackBerry to the PC.

    When connected, the BlackBerry screen displays a prompt for enabling mass storage mode.

  2. On the ...

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