Chapter 20. Installing and Managing Third-Party Applications

In This Chapter

  • Installing app-store applications

  • Getting started with Application Loader

  • Installing a BlackBerry application

  • Uninstalling applications

  • Upgrading your BlackBerry's operating system

Think of your BlackBerry as a mini laptop where you can run preinstalled applications as well as install new applications. You can even upgrade the operating system. (Yup, that's right — your BlackBerry has an OS.)

We start the chapter by introducing BlackBerry App World, which you use to load applications (who'd have guessed?) onto your BlackBerry. Next, we describe the Application Loader application on PC and the BlackBerry Desktop Manager on Mac, which you use to install and uninstall apps to and from your BlackBerry. Then we explore how you can upgrade the OS of your smartphone.


In the Part of Tens, you'll find a few great games that make your BlackBerry that much more fun.

Using BlackBerry App World

Your BlackBerry comes with BlackBerry App World, an application store (or app store) that provides an organized listing of apps, both free and for purchase.

Navigating App World

What better way to describe BlackBerry App World than opening the app and navigating to the screen? To launch the store, simply select BlackBerry App World from the Home screen. BlackBerry App World sports an icon similar to the one on the Menu key but enclosed in a circle. After you launch App World, you see a progress screen followed by a Featured Items screen ...

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