Chapter 21. Ten Great BlackBerry Accessories

In This Chapter

  • Unify AV Solution

  • microSD card

  • Full keyboards

  • Stereo headsets

  • Case and belt clip

  • Screen protector and skins

  • Extra battery, charger, and charging pod

  • External speaker

  • Bluetooth Music Gateway

  • Car mount

The BlackBerry retail box contains a few essentials: a battery, a charger, a micro USB cable, a belt clip, and possibly a 1GB microSD card. If you're like most of us, though, you're not satisfied with what is included in the box. In this chapter, you find accessories that supplement your BlackBerry — and find out where to get them.


Check out our companion Web site,, for an updated accessories list.


If you like to accessorize your BlackBerry, check out site promotions. Every now and then, a site such as runs promotions and gives big discounts. Also, look at RIM's Web site at It usually offers accessory bundles.

Unify AV Shadow

Unify AV Shadow is an innovative product of Unify4Life that makes a smartphone (including your BlackBerry) a universal remote control. You can also stream music from your BlackBerry to your home audio system.

You can find a suite of features on the Unify4Life Web site, but a sample includes complete TV listings in your BlackBerry for informative channel switching. For $99.99, you can purchase it directly from their Web site at

microSD Card

Normally, your new BlackBerry comes with external memory: a microSD card. But, ...

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