Chapter 22. Ten Must-Have Applications

In This Chapter

  • SmrtGuard

  • Tether

  • VibAndRing

  • Viigo for BlackBerry

  • SmrtAlerts

  • Google Talk Mobile and Yahoo! Messenger Mobile

  • WeatherEye

  • Nobex Radio Companion

  • Pandora and Slacker

  • Neverfail

  • ISEC7

The availability of BlackBerry software is growing at a dizzying rate. In this chapter, we introduce ten must-have applications that make your BlackBerry experience that much better.

We don't quote specific reviews. These choices are the results of our quest to find programs that people use, discerned from discussions with BlackBerry users, postings on message boards, and commentaries in the public domain. The applications featured here are just the tip of the iceberg. Feel free to surf the Internet, because by the time this book is published, more software will likely be available. And, don't forget to visit our Web site at

SmrtGuard, Your Smartphone Guardian

If you lost your BlackBerry, have you wondered what would happen to your data, such as your sensitive e-mails, phone call histories, contacts, and appointments? It's scary to think of a stranger getting to know you through your e-mails and knowing what you're going to do next. These same thoughts haunt us as well. Fortunately, there's SmrtGuard, which provides the following tools:

  • Locate and "low jack" your BlackBerry: With no GPS signal required, you can track your BlackBerry's approximate location to determine whether you simply misplaced it or someone stole it.

  • Wireless data backup ...

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