Chapter 3. Games

Hacks 32–36: Introduction

The BlackBerry as a gaming platform? Although the BlackBerry is optimized for the suit-and-tie business crowd, newcomers are pleasantly surprised at the graphics capabilities of the device. Currently, Magmic Games has a big lead in the BlackBerry gaming market. There are even some games that you can play against online opponents. While Magmic pushes the limit of BlackBerry games, there are plenty of free games you can download and install over the air in seconds. You could even use the device simulator [Hack #93] to play the games.

Play Texas Hold ‘Em

Quit your day job and start playing everyone’s favorite flavor of poker for a living!

If you want to play the best games for the BlackBerry, look no further than Magmic Games ( Their top-selling game is so addicting that you may have trouble going back to using your device for email. Texas Hold ‘Em King 2 is the king of poker games, allowing you to play against virtual opponents offline or live players in its online mode.

The program can be installed from Magmic’s download page, which is formatted for your BlackBerry Browser, at Just choose the over the air install, and away you go. If you’d like to use Application Loader to install the game, you can download all Magmic’s color or black-and-white games in one fell swoop at

Ante Up!

The program comes with a seven-day trial. After the seven days have elapsed, you can ...

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