Time for action – moving the boat in sync with the oars

When you row, you dip the oar in the water and push the boat forward using the oar as a lever. The boat coasts while you are moving the oars back. You are going to create a marker to track this motion. When the oar is in the water, the marker will give you a location for the oar tip. When the oar is out of the water, the width of the marker will show you how far to move the boat while it's coasting:

  1. Press the NumPad 3 key to get the Right view. Make sure you are on frame 1. Use the Current Editor Type button in the lower-left corner of Graph Editor to change Graph Editor to Timeline.
  2. Move your cursor below the boat. Press the LMB.
  3. Deselect all the objects and make a cube. Move the cube so that ...

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