Time for action – selecting render presets

Render presets can save you a lot of time, make sure you don't forget to set important settings and act as a guide for what those settings should be:

  1. Press Esc to get back to the 3D View window. Zoom back far enough so that you can see the entire image area within the passepartout.
  2. In the Properties window, choose the Render button from the header.
  3. Look at the Dimensions subpanel of the Render panel. It shows you the X and Y resolution, the range of the frame numbers, the frame rate, and the aspect ratio.
  4. Select the Render Presets button and choose TV PAL 4:3 from the pop-up menu as shown in the following screenshot. Watch the 3D View window as you select it.
  5. Note that the resolution, the frame rate, and the ...

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