Building the armor shaders in Blender Internal

We arrive finally at making the Armor shaders under the Blender Internal engine; we have four materials, here: the two UDIM plate shaders, the rivets shaders and the leather material for the tiers.

Getting ready

Enable the 6th and the 13th scene layers and select the Armor object; if your computer is powerful enough, use the Rendered preview while you are working.

How to do it…

Let's start with the first UDIM tile material creation, the main armor plates:

  1. Put the mouse pointer in the Node Editor window and add a Material node (Shift + A | Input | Material), a MixRGB node (Shift + A | Color | MixRGB) and an Output node (Shift + A | Output | Output). In the N Properties sidepanel, label the Material node ...

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