Editing Weight Groups using the Weight Paint tool

Both the Automatic Weights parenting as well as the Weight Groups created and assigned by hand must, at a certain point, inevitably be edited for several reasons. As we have already seen, the parenting tool didn't do a perfect job, or maybe the transition between different weights is too sharp and must be blurred to smoothly deform the mesh. In any case, the ideal tool for this editing work is the Weight Paint tool.

Getting ready

As usual, let's first prepare the scene to work on:

  1. Open the Gidiosaurus_skinning_01.blend file and hide the 13th scene layer.
  2. Enable the 3rd Armature layer and then deselect the Shapes item.
  3. Press the 3 key on the numpad to go in to Side view; if necessary, press the 5 key ...

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