Setting templates with the Image Empties method

In this recipe, we'll set the character's templates by using Image Empties.

Getting ready

For this and the following recipes, there is no need for any particular preparations. Anyway, it is handy to prepare the two Empties to have markers in the 3D view for the 2.5 meters height of the character; so we'll do the following:

  1. Start a brand new Blender session and delete the already selected Cube primitive.
  2. Select the Lamp and Camera and move them on a different layer; I usually have them on the sixth layer, in order to keep free and empty both the first and second rows of the left layer's block.
  3. Add an Empty to the scene (Shift + A | Empty | Plain Axes).
  4. Duplicate it and move it 2.5 units up on the z axis ...

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