Using the Mesh to Curve technique to add details

In the previous recipe, we modeled the basic bulk of the Breastplate. We are now going to see a simple but effective technique to add detailing to the borders of the armor plate.

How to do it…

Assuming we have gone out of Edit Mode and then saved the file, reopen the Gidiosaurus_modeling.blend file and proceed with the following:

  1. Go back in Edit Mode and select the edge-loop around the neck (Alt + right-click), the edge-loop around the shoulder hole (Alt + Shift + right-click), and the last one at the base of the Breastplate (Alt + Shift + right-click again).
  2. Press Shift + D and soon after, the right-mouse button to duplicate without moving them; press P to separate them (in the Separate pop-up menu, ...

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