Chapter 4. Re-topology of the High Resolution Sculpted Character's Mesh

In this chapter, we will cover the following recipes:

  • Using the Grease Pencil tool to plan the edge-loops flow
  • Using the Snap tool to re-topologize the mesh
  • Using the Shrinkwrap modifier to re-topologize the mesh
  • Using the LoopTools add-on to re-topologize the mesh
  • Concluding the re-topologized mesh


The re-topology of a mesh, as the name itself explains, is simply the reconstruction of that mesh with a different topology; usually, the re-topology is used to obtain a low resolution mesh from a high resolution one.

In our case, this is obviously needed because we are later going to rig and animate our Gidiosaurus, and these tasks would be almost impossible with a mesh as ...

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