Modifying the mesh and the UV islands

At this point, when we look at the Gidiosaurus mesh, we realize that some detail in the model is still missing; for example, the lower teeth. In fact, we modeled the mouth closed and the lower teeth, enclosed in the upper mouth rim, weren't visible.

It's now time to add them; in fact, even though we have already done the unwrapping stage, it's still possible to modify the mesh further and also update the UV islands accordingly.

Getting ready

Start from the last Gidiosaurus_unwrap.blend file you saved:

  1. Press N to open the Properties 3D view sidepanel, and disable the Textured Solid item under the Shading subpanel.
  2. Click on the 11th scene layer button to reveal the Gidiosaurus_lowres object and select it; go into ...

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