Generating the character's Armature by using the Rigify add-on

We have already seen that the Human Meta-Rig armature is part of the Rigify add-on. It is a tremendously useful Python script, coded by Nathan Vegdhal, that we enabled two recipes ago, and in this recipe, we are going to use that to build the final rig for the Gidiosaurus.

Getting ready

The preparation steps to use the Rigify add-on are the same as we did in the Building the character's Armature through the Human Meta-Rig recipe: after we have enabled the add-on in the User Preferences panel, we load the Gidiosaurus_unwrap_final.blend file, add the Human metarig to the scene, and then tweak the bone's position, rotation' and size in Edit Mode to fit the character's shape and topology. ...

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