Painting the color maps in Blender Internal

After having obtained the scales textures, we must now paint the diffuse color of the Gidiosaurus character.

Getting ready

Start Blender and open the Gidiosaurus_baking_scales.blend file:

  1. Go to the main Properties panel and be sure to have the UVMap coordinates layer selected and active, in the UV Maps subpanel under the Object Data window.
  2. Go to the Material window and select the Material_U0V0 slot, then go to the Texture window and be sure to have the scales_tiles texture slot selected; left-click on the X icon button to the right side of the name datablock to unlink it (Shift + left-click to remove it from the file):

    Unlinking the scales_tiles texture slot datablock

  3. Select and enable (by clicking on the ...

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