Baking the normals of the sculpted mesh on the low resolution one

At this point, we can transfer all the details sculpted on our high resolution meshes (the Gidiosaurus and the Armor objects) to the low resolution assets; to do this, we have to bake these details as normal maps.

Getting ready

Continue from the previous Gidiosaurus_details_sculpt.blend file:

  1. Split the 3D viewport into two windows and change the left one into a UV/Image Editor window.
  2. Go to the 11th scene layer and select the Gidiosaurus_lowres object; press the Tab key to enter Edit Mode and, if necessary, press A to select all the vertices.
  3. Go to the UV Maps subpanel under the Object Data window, click on the + icon button to add a new UV coordinates layer, rename it as UVMap_norm ...

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