The Armor textures

The same procedure used in the previous recipe must be used for the Armor object, to bake the normals of the sculpted high resolution version on the low poly one.

Getting ready

So, in short, we will do the following:

  1. Enable the 13th scene layer; select the Armor object and go to the Object Modifiers window.
  2. Temporarily, disable the Armature modifier both for rendering, and the viewport, and be sure that the Subdivision Surface modifier levels are both set to 2.
  3. Assign a Shrinkwrap modifier with a target to the Armor_detailing object; in the Vertex Group slot, select the shrinkwrap vertex group and, just to be sure, also check the Keep Above Surface item.

Also, in this case, thanks to the shrinkwrap vertex group, only the outside of ...

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