Adding a dirty Vertex Colors layer and baking it to an image texture

Let's see now how to add a dirty map through the Vertex Colors tool and how to bake it to an image texture; such a texture map can be useful for the creation of the shaders (which we'll see in the next chapter).

Getting ready

To do this, we are going to use an already set .blend file:

  1. Start Blender and open the Gidiosaurus_baking_normals.blend file; save it as Gidiosaurus_baking_dirty.blend.
  2. Put the mouse pointer in the 3D view and press the Z key twice to switch into Solid viewport shading mode; click on the 14th scene layer to enable the visibility of the Gidiosaurus_detailing object.

How to do it…

Let's first go with the creation of the Vertex Colors layer:

  1. In the Outliner, select ...

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