Building the armor shaders in Cycles

The last thing to do, for this chapter, is to create the shaders for the Armor object, made up of metallic plates and leather tiers.

Getting ready

Continuing from the previously saved blend file:

  1. Enable the 6th and the 13th scene layer and select the Armor object in the Outliner.
  2. Put the mouse pointer in the 3D viewport and press the 0 key on the numpad to go into Camera view; fit the window into the field of view.
  3. Go to the Material window and press the + icon button to the right side to add four empty material slots to the armor. Select the first material slot and click on the New button in the Surface subpanel, and rename the material Armor_U0V0.
  4. Select the second material slot, click on the New button and rename ...

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