Blender 3D Modeling and Animation: Build 20+ 3D Projects in Blender

Video description

Learn the basic concepts, tools, and functions that you will need to build fully functional 3D models with Blender and use them in the Unity 3D game engine.

Learning the fundamentals of Blender game design puts a powerful and very useful tool at your fingertips. Blender is free and, easy to learn, has excellent documentation, and is used for 3D modeling and game development.

Jobs in Blender 3D modeling & game development are plentiful, and learn 3D Modeling with Blender will give you a strong background so you can more easily build awesome 3D game models.

Throughout this course, suitable for novice artists and programmers, you'll learn all of the 3D modeling fundamentals and establish a strong understanding of the concepts behind Blender 3D modeling.

What You Will Learn

  • Learn 3D modeling with Blender
  • Build 20+ 3D projects with Blender
  • Master the fundamentals of Blender
  • Create useful low-poly 3D Models
  • Create 3D animations with Blender
  • Learn UV mapping and texture painting
  • Import 3D models via the Unity Game engine
  • Create a complete 3D game with Unity


This course is designed for people who want to learn 3D modeling with Blender and those keen to build 3D models for Unity games.

About The Author

Raja Biswas: Raja Biswas has taught game development and computer programming to thousands of people through his YouTube channel—Charger Games. He has helped many viewers publish their first game through his videos and has encouraged them to learn computer programming as well. He has a passion for learning new things and teaching those to anyone looking to learn.

Every day, Raja gets emails from all over the world, thanking him for all that he teaches through his tutorial videos. He is from India and has a diploma in engineering in computer science and technology and a bachelor’s degree in engineering in IT. He has learned and developed most of his skills from books and online tutorials and believes that anyone can learn anything today with the power of the Internet.

Table of contents

  1. Chapter 1 : Introduction To This Course
    1. Introduction to This Course
  2. Chapter 2 : Project 1 : Create Your First 3D Model Import into Unity
    1. Create Your First 3D Model With Blender Import It To Unity
  3. Chapter 3 : Getting Started With Blender
    1. Navigating Around In Blender
    2. Moving Scaling and Rotating Objects in Blender
    3. Global and Local Axis in Blender
    4. Different Views in Blender
    5. Understanding Origin in Blender
    6. Pivot Points In Blender
    7. Section Challenge - Test Your Skills
  4. Chapter 4 : Learn 3D Modelling Basics In Blender
    1. Create Primitive Shapes In Blender
    2. Editing Vertices Edges and Faces In Blender
    3. Different Selection Techniques In Blender
    4. Edge Loops and Loop Cuts In Blender
    5. Subdividing Objects In Blender
    6. Proportional Editing In Blender
    7. Extruding Objects In Blender
    8. Understanding Smooth Shading In Blender
    9. Section Challenge - Test Your Skills
  5. Chapter 5 : Project 2 : Creating Low Poly Rocks
    1. Building and Rendering Rocks In Blender
  6. Chapter 6 : Project 3 : Creating Low Poly Trees In Blender
    1. Low Poly Trees With Materials In Blender
  7. Chapter 7 : Project 4 : Low Poly Barrels in Blender
    1. Wooden Barrels In Blender
  8. Chapter 8 : Project 5 : Low Poly Mountains in Blender
    1. Low Poly Mountains In Blender - Part 1
    2. Low Poly Mountains In Blender - Part 2
  9. Chapter 9 : Project 6: Create Your First Android Game with Unity
    1. Game Coin In Blender - Part 1
    2. Game Coin In Blender - Part 2
  10. Chapter 10 : More Advanced Modelling Techniques In Blender
    1. Understanding Modifiers In Blender
    2. Boolean Modifier In Blender
    3. Subdivision Surface Modifier In Blender
    4. Mirror Modifier In Blender
    5. Vertex Groups In Blender
    6. Vertex and Grid Snapping In Blender
    7. Modelling With Text In Blender
  11. Chapter 11 : Project 7 : Modeling 3D Blocky Car in Blender
    1. Creating A 3D Blocky Car - Part 1
    2. Creating A 3D Blocky Car - Part 2
  12. Chapter 12 : Project 8 : Create A Snowman in Blender
    1. Building a 3D Snowman - Part 1
    2. Building a 3D Snowman - Part 2
    3. Building a 3D Snowman - Part 3
  13. Chapter 13 : Project 9 : Creating Keyframe Animation in Blender
    1. Getting Started With Animations In Blender
    2. Animations Using Auto KeyFraming In Blender
  14. Chapter 14 : Project 10: Creating A Box Opening Animation
    1. Create 3D Box Opening Animated Video In Blender
  15. Chapter 15 : Project 11 : 3D Car Moving Animated video
    1. Create A 3D Car Moving Animated Video in Blender
  16. Chapter 16 : Project 12 : Moving Objects Along A Path
    1. Move Any Object Along A Path In Blender
  17. Chapter 17 : Project 13 : Creating Shape Key Animation in Blender
    1. Creating Animation With Shape Keys In Blender
  18. Chapter 18 : Project 14 : Creating Mesh Deform Animation
    1. Creating Mesh Deform Animation With Lattice - Part 1
    2. Creating Mesh Deform Animation With Lattice - Part 2
  19. Chapter 19 : Project 15: Create A 3D Colorful Egg ( UV Map Texture Paint )
    1. Getting Started With UV Mapping - Creating An Easter Egg
    2. Texture Painting In Blender - Complete Guide
    3. Importing Texture 3D Model in Unity Game Engine
  20. Chapter 20 : Project 16: Creating 3D Mushroom Scene ( Model , UV Texture )
    1. Creating A Mushroom Scene - Getting Started
    2. UV Mapping The Mushroom
    3. Texture Painting In External Image Editing Software
    4. Lighting and Rendering The Mushroom Scene
  21. Chapter 21 : Project 17: Creating A 3D Island Environment In Blender
    1. Sculpting A Terrain in Blender
    2. Painting With Textures on Terrain in Blender
  22. Chapter 22 : Project 18: Creating A Skydome in Blender
    1. Creating A Skydome In Blender
  23. Chapter 23 : Project 19: Build A Complete 3D Game With Unity
    1. Setting Up Platform, Paddle and Ball
    2. Controlling The Ball
    3. Moving The Ball After First Touch
    4. Checking When The Ball Falls Off The Platform
    5. Camera Following Ball Smoothly
    6. Make The Platforms Fall Down After Ball Goes Away
    7. Spawning The Platforms
    8. Random Platform Spawning Algorithm
    9. Fixing Platform Falling
    10. Creating Diamonds and Randomly Spawning Them
    11. Destroying Diamonds On Collision
    12. Creating Awesome Particle Effects
    13. Create UiManager and Text Animations
    14. More Main Menu UI Animations
    15. Game Over Menu and Animations
    16. Scripting The UiManager
    17. ScoreManager Score and HighScore
    18. Creating GameManager and Controlling The Whole Game
    19. Final Fixes and Finishing The Game
    20. Building and Publishing To Android
  24. Chapter 24 : Project 20: Build And Publish Your Game To Android
    1. Setting Up Unity for Android Game Development ( 2018 )
    2. Setting Up Unity For Building An Android Game
    3. Understanding Touch Inputs in Android
    4. Touch Destroy Objects
    5. Working with Accelerometer Inputs
    6. Responsive UI in Unity
    7. Touch Swipe Controls
    8. Touch Joystick Input Controller

Product information

  • Title: Blender 3D Modeling and Animation: Build 20+ 3D Projects in Blender
  • Author(s): Raja Biswas
  • Release date: August 2019
  • Publisher(s): Packt Publishing
  • ISBN: 9781839217975