Chapter 2

Automating Blender with Python Scripting


Bullet Getting in the right mindset for automating parts of your art-making process

Bullet Familiarizing yourself with the Scripting workspace in Blender

Bullet Discovering the Python scripting language

Bullet Getting started with scripting

Bullet Making scripts faster using built-in templates

One of the really handy, albeit advanced, features within Blender is its integrated scripting capability using the Python language. What this means is that you can write little snippets of code or full-blown applications all within Blender. The purpose of this capability is to help you work faster and in a way that’s more customized to your preferences. It’s worth noting that all Blender’s add-ons are written in Python using the same methodologies covered in this chapter. This fact includes the add-ons that ship with Blender as well as the ones you can purchase online at places like the Blender Market.

Scripting and coding can be a fairly advanced topic, but ...

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