Creating skin, teeth, and other body parts

In this recipe, we are going to create some organic toony-style materials such as skin and teeth.

Getting ready

It is now time to set the various materials for the body of the girl. Select the mesh named Head, and add a new material to it, naming it skin. It is a good idea to solo the mesh to have a faster viewport real-time preview.

How to do it…

To create the materials of this recipe, perform the following steps:

  1. Add a Translucent BSDF node and mix it with the default Diffuse BSDF node using a Mix Shader node. Set the Roughness value of Diffuse BSDF to 1.000. Label the Mix Shader node as Dermal.
  2. Add a Layer Weight node by navigating to Add menu | Input, and connect the Fresnel output into the Fac input of ...

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