Achieving a movie look using the compositor

It is now time to give the final touch to the image with some compositing, which really improves the look of our renders.

Getting ready

Before we start, we will have a quick look at the render settings so that we can make our final render. Then, we will move on to the compositor. Let's open up the render menu.

How to do it...

Let's open up the render menu and change some of the settings.

Render settings

Follow the given steps to change the render settings:

  1. In the Sampling panel, set the Clamp value to 4.000 and the Render value to 150.000.
  2. In the Light Paths panel in the Transparency section, set the Max value to 4.000 and Min to 1.
  3. In the Bounces section, set the Max value to 16.000 and Min to 3.000. Also, set ...

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