Icons Used in This Book

As you flip through this book, icons periodically appear next to some paragraphs. These icons notify you of unique or valuable information on the topic at hand. Sometimes that information is a tip, sometimes it's more detail about how something works, and sometimes it's a warning to help you avoid losing data. The following are descriptions of each icon in this book.

image This icon calls out suggestions that help you work more effectively and save time.

image This icon marks something that I think you should try to keep in mind while working in Blender. Sometimes it's a random tidbit of information, but more often than not, it's something that you'll run into repeatedly and is therefore worth remembering.

image Working in 3D can involve some pretty heavy technical information. You can usually work just fine without ever having to know these things, but if you do take the time to understand it, I bet you dollars to donuts that you'll be able to use Blender more effectively.

image This icon doesn't show up often, but when it does, I definitely recommend that you pay attention. ...

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