Eve was quietly minding her own business, admiring all the delights that Paradise was delivering. How might she use some of the amazing garlands and tendrils to decorate her own backyard? She contemplated asking Adam for help. Perhaps they could make it a joint home improvement project. Or would she need to outsource the task?

Suddenly, out of nowhere, the Serpent rose up at her feet, invading her personal space, and proceeded to tempt Eve with a free trial of an apple.

Sceptical though she was of the Serpent’s crude sales pitch and evident inability to read her uncomfortable body language and grimacing facial cues, she agreed mainly in the hope he'd quickly slither away.

Still resentful of his opportunism, she tentatively took a bite.

And surprisingly it wasn't at all bad. In fact, Eve was delighted with how the product delivered on taste and crunch, so she took another bite of the mouth-watering fruit.

She hesitated on the third bite. How many calories did this contain? Was it on her approved dietary checklist? Would it ruin her dinner plans? But having accepted the free sample she felt obliged to test it properly, so soon she was justifying her behaviour with the adage ‘an apple a day keeps the doctor away'.

It wasn't long, though, before the dissonance she felt set off an inner dialogue concerning her decision making, and she started analysing why she had accepted the Serpent’s product.

She was annoyed with herself that she'd let ...

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