Data type

Solidity is a statically typed language. Developers familiar with language such as JavaScript and Python will find Solidity syntax easy to pick up. Each variable needs to specify the data type. The variable, which will always be passed by value, is called value types, it is built-in or predefined data types.

The value types in solidity are as follows:






!, &&, ||, ==, !=

bool a = true;

The Booleans are true or false expressions.

Int (int8 to int256)

Comparison operators:

<=, <, ==, !=, >=, >,

Bit operators: &, |, ^, +, -, unary -, unary +, *, /, %, **, <<, >>

int a = 1;

Signed integer, signed of 8 up to 256 bits, in the step of 8.

Uint (uint8 to uint256)

Comparison ...

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