Generating an orderer genesis block

After generating the certificate, the next step in the process is to generate the orderer genesis block. The configtxgen command allows users to create and inspect channel config. The configtxgen tool's output is largely controlled by the content of configtx.yaml, as follows:

Profiles:    ICOrgsOrdererGenesis:        Orderer:            <<: *OrdererDefaults            Organizations:                - *OrdererOrg        Consortiums:            InsuranceClaimConsortium:                Organizations:                    - *Org1                    - *Org2                    - *Org3    ICOrgsChannel:        Consortium: InsuranceClaimConsortium        Application:            <<: *ApplicationDefaults            Organizations:                - *Org1                - *Org2                - *Org3Organizations:    - &OrdererOrg        Name: OrdererOrg        ID: OrdererMSP        MSPDir: crypto-config/ordererOrganizations/    - &Org1        Name: Org1MSP

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