Chapter 4

Beholding the Bitcoin Blockchain


check Understanding where the Bitcoin blockchain came from

check Straightening out some myths about Bitcoin

check Staying safe when using Bitcoin

check Mining for Bitcoins

check Making a paper wallet to hold your Bitcoins

Warning! After reading this chapter, you may become hooked on this cool emerging technology. Read at your own peril.

Bitcoin demonstrates the purest aspects of blockchain technology. It’s the baseline that all other blockchains are compared to and the framework that nearly all have drawn upon. Knowing the basics of how the Bitcoin blockchain operates will allow you to better understand all the other technology you encounter in this ecosystem.

In this chapter, I fill you in on the fundamentals of how the Bitcoin blockchain operates. I offer safety tips that will make your Bitcoin experience smoother and more successful. I also show you practical things you can start doing now with Bitcoin. In these pages, you find out how to mine the ...

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