Chapter 6

Regarding the Ripple Blockchain


check Looking at the origins of the Ripple blockchain

check Getting to know the Ripple blockchain

check Exploring the Ripple network

Ripple is the one of the most interesting blockchains for moving and trading value globally. The Ripple protocol allows for the fungibility of any type of asset — even between two unlike assets and in nonliquid markets. It does all this at extremely low cost, with exceptionally high security, and in record time. The Ripple infrastructure is being implemented as the framework for new modern banking and trading.

This chapter looks at the important nuances of the technology behind the Ripple blockchain. I explain the finer point of how Ripple is revolutionizing banking and fintech globally. I also fill you in on the practical uses of the Ripple blockchain and specific safety tips for working with Ripple protocol.

This chapter prepares you to trade many different types of value globally. Here, you discover why this technology is important for your industry and how to get started using the Ripple protocol today. You also find out how to set up an account that trades on the Ripple protocol and scams to avoid when ...

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