Chapter 7

Finding the Factom Blockchain


check Making entries in Factom

check Diving into chain structure

check Uncovering identity on the blockchain

check Seeing Factom in use

The Factom blockchain is a powerful tool that will help industry scale blockchain technology. It’s different from other public blockchains and has unique properties that make it ideal for publishing data streams and securing systems. The Factom blockchain also has a corporation behind it — Factom, Inc. — which spearheads its development and builds tools and products on top of the protocol.

Factom software is being built into systems that govern identity and security of both people and things. They’re integrating and bridging other blockchains and blockchain technology as well. The linking between blockchains improves the security of Factom and makes the other blockchains more interoperable.

This chapter explains how Factom works, fills you in on its unique properties, and provides easy-to-follow instructions that will help you get started using it. After reading this chapter, you’ll understand many of the core concepts ...

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