Chapter 9

Getting Your Hands on Hyperledger


check Exploring four key Hyperledger projects

check Diving into the PoET algorithm

check Discovering Chaincode smart contracts

check Understanding Sumeragi

Hyperledger is a community of software developers and technology enthusiasts who are building industry standards for blockchain frameworks and platforms. Their work is important because they’re the main group shepherding the blockchain industry into the mainstream and commercial adoption. Hyperledger is the “safe” deployment platform for enterprise teams.

The organization and their unique project are growing every day. As of this writing, they have more than 100 member companies and have several projects in incubation. Their first few projects include Explorer, a web application to view and query blocks, and Fabric, a plug-and-play blockchain application builder. They also have Iroha and Sawtooth, which are modularized blockchain platforms.

In this chapter, I explore the three key projects that are under incubation at Hyperledger. You get a deep understanding of what the future of commercialized ...

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