Chapter 11

Getting Busy on IBM Bluemix


check Preparing for artificial intelligence blockchain apps

check Building your IBM Fabric

check Creating smart contracts

check Deploying an Internet of Things solution

In this chapter, I introduce you to IBM’s blockchain initiatives, which IBM is merging with its other groundbreaking technologies, such as Bluemix, a full Platform as a Service (PaaS) for application building, and Watson, its super computer.

Blockchain technology creates a near-frictionless value exchange. Artificial intelligence accelerates the analysis of massive amounts of data. The merging of the two capabilities will be a paradigm shift that affects the way we do business and secure our connected electronic devices.

If you’re involved in the Internet of Things (IoT), healthcare, warehousing, transportation, or logistics industries, you will benefit from the information in this chapter. Also, if you’re an entrepreneur and would like to learn about the new capabilities that come with the integration of artificial intelligence (AI) and blockchain on a scalable app platform, this chapter ...

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